Léna Seale hails from Galway city and is a self-taught mixed media artist and founder of Banba. She mainly uses the mediums of watercolour, collage and embroidery.

Banba is an earth conscious hub for fashion and creatives, selling vintage fashion, art and work from collaboration with local artists.
The name ‘Banba’ comes from a founding goddess of Ireland; meaning ‘un-ploughed land’, she is commonly known as the earth element in Ireland’s triumvirate of founding goddesses. The other two being Ériu and Fódla.
This name choice nods to Léna’s strong values of collaboration, Irish culture, community, and sustainability in her work.
Some of the collaborative projects to date include a zero-waste fashion line with Modh Textiles, a collage series on Ireland “Bye-gone Éire” examining current Ireland contrasted with moments in history with Daisy Chain Photos.
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