Michael Chekhov Technique  Acting Workshop

“Meet the world of the Michael Chekhov Technique with tutor Joerg Andrees from the Michael Chekhov Studio Berlin. This 2 weeks workshop will give participants a chance to experience some of the unique tools of a technique that has been referred to as ‘one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets.’
Michael Chekhov’s alternative approach to acting fine-tunes the actor’s sensibility through the practice of what he referred to as a Psycho-Physical Training – a training that activates the imagination through the practice of physical exercise. Training in this way, as Michael Chekhov discovered, develops the actor’s ability to sense even the most subtle of impulses – from without or within. How to react is the next step – explore the answer with Michael Chekhov’s acting technique.
Also upcoming: Michael Chekhov pro – Intensive Actor Programme – begins with Joerg Andrees in Nov 2015 in Dublin.”
For booking and more information contact: 087 2329075 or email joerg.andrees@t-online.de