I am a qualified biologist and visual effects artist, I grew up taking part in local tourism in Wicklow, and create illustrations, character and environment art for games and animation. I have been an artist for seven years now, exploring a wide range of media to get a better understanding of artistic principles. I built and animated 3d models for a short film about statues in Ireland coming to life that was shown in Dingle film festival, created a comic pitch based on an original story by an Irish artist,
made fashion videos promoting clothing for Vision Ireland, and will shortly hold an exhibition in Wicklow library illustrating Irish legends over local photographs.

Growing up on a farm with horse caravan tours and a huge science fiction library, I developed a real love for explorative perspectives and playful interactions with alien concepts and other species. My PhD level research in biology across Europe and South America really helped hone this awareness to critical and informed observation skills. I want to bring to my audience the richness and excitement of the world through an imaginative experience, combining lots of different areas and periods of art with places, species, costumes and history.